Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Read an excerpt from Cyberhawks Versus Storm Troopers by Mark Logie

Cyberhawks Versus Storm Troopers

Twelve-year-old Ty Monterey is no hero – or so he thinks. He’s obsessed with computers, often in trouble at school and rude to his mother. Worst of all, he has a distinctly wimpish stutter.

One day a mysterious, coded e-mail arrives in his inbox and, Ty being Ty, he sets about decoding it. At first he is excited by what he discovers, but when he is menaced by a knife-wielding thug in his own garden he realises things have become serious.

Ty finds he has stumbled across a plot to launch the worst terrorist attack the world has known, with thousands of lives at risk on the London Underground.

Dismissed at every turn by the authorities, it soon becomes clear to Ty that only he and his gang, the Cyberhawks, can prevent the devastating attack planned by the group known as “Storm Troopers TZ9”. But does he have the courage to see it through?


Read an excerpt:
The street light a couple of metres from Ty’s front gate spluttered out just as he walked under it. At once the shadows multiplied and deepened. The boy’s heart skipped a beat, then speeded up to something like a horse’s trot. He stared into the shadows, trying to see if anything lurked there. A dog barked nearby and he jumped the way you do when someone creeps up behind and shouts “Boo!” What’s the matter with you, you baby? You’re like a little kid creeping through a graveyard, hoping the ghosts won’t notice you. 
Ever since Ty had left his school’s grounds and stepped onto the streets of Richmond, an inexplicable dread had descended on him. He wasn’t in the best of moods (who would be if they had just spent an hour in detention for not doing their geography homework?), but that didn’t even begin to explain it. 
Maybe the business of the strange e-mail was preying on his mind more than he realised. Perhaps, but it still didn’t explain the steadily growing feeling that something was going to happen. Something unpleasant. Detention might make him feel down, but this was a completely different feeling: it was an instinctive fear, one he couldn’t even express in words. But of who or what he had no idea. 
Something rustled underfoot and he looked down, moving his left foot back. There in front of it was an empty packet of bacon-flavoured Walker crisps. He frowned in dismay. It was strange since this wasn’t a busy street and every hour council robots cleaned the streets, as they did in all the other London boroughs, removing all rubbish. Therefore somebody must have walked past a few minutes ago. So what? Yet he felt a shiver run down his spine. 
Ty glanced at his watch and saw that it was six oh-one. Much too early to be scared, he joked to himself in a vain attempt to keep his spirits up. He realised he’d slowed down so much that he was meandering along like someone out for a stroll after a heavy Christmas lunch. 
It was quite ridiculous, he decided, someone of his age frightened of the dark – or was it something else? – and taking his time to walk home so that he didn’t have to face ... what? What could possibly be waiting for him? Still he wished that Isabel would be home from work. 
He turned into the gateway in front of his house and hesitated, staring at the grey paving stones in disbelief. Lying there was an identical crisp packet to the one he’d just seen. Of course, someone could have walked along the street, eaten two packets of crisps and just happened to fling one of them at his front gate; or they could have gone in to ring the doorbell. It didn’t mean they were still there – and even if they were, it surely didn’t matter. Nevertheless, the hairs on the back of his neck were prickling as if ants were swarming all over them. 
Ty looked up and down the street, hoping to see someone walking towards him, even a policeman. But there was no one. Apart from himself the street was deserted. He sighed and was shocked at how shaky his breath sounded. Come on, scaredy cat, get on with it. 
He took another breath, deep and long, then let it out slowly (it sounded a little less shaky than the other and that encouraged him a little). He slid the handle to the right, pushed open the gate and stepped through. 
Someone grabbed his right arm from behind; simultaneously their other hand covered his mouth as he gave vent to a gasp of terror. “Shut up, you little snotnose,” whispered his unseen assailant. “Just do as you’re told and you won’t get hurt.”

About Mark Logie

Born in Camberwell, southeast London, Great Britain, Mark Logie has always been a keen reader and from about the age of nine started writing the occasional story for his own pleasure. Over the next few years, an interest in filmmaking distracted him from writing; later on, he worked briefly as an unpaid runner for a video production company, before turning back to writing.

His first novel for young adults, "Cyberhawks Versus Storm Troopers" (a thriller for 12- & 13-year-olds about terrorism and computer-hacking), was published in 2012, the Kindle edition reaching number 15 in the Amazon UK bestseller list for its category. Also, Mark Logie's poetry and short fiction have won awards from CanYouWrite and ABC Tales.

Twitter page: @MarkLogieAuthor

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mark-Logie-Author-1022617024509611/

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dragonwatch Book Giveaway Ends 3/31 3 Winners!

dragonwatch book giveaway

Welcome to the 2017 Spring Fling Gift Guide Dragonwatch Book Giveaway!

3 Winners!!!

This contest is hosted by the Social Media Gurus Network!

Michigan Saving and More

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Dragonwatch: A Fablehaven Adventure by Brandon Mull

In the long-awaited sequel to Fablehaven, the dragons who have been kept at the dragon sanctuaries no longer consider them safe havens, but prisons and they want their freedom. The dragons are no longer our allies....

Available to buy from…
Amazon and other booksellers nationwide.


I would also like to say Thank You to all the promoting bloggers!

Three (3) Winners Will Each Receive One (1) hardcover copy of Dragonwatch: A Fablehaven Adventure by Brandon Mull!

This giveaway will run through 3/31/2017 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time and is open to residents of the US ages 18+ and UK residents 21+. You are not eligible if you have won a prize from the sponsor in the last 12 month. Winner is subject to eligibility verification and will have 48 hours to confirm before a new winner will be drawn. For any questions or concerns please email silvie.mslg@gmail.com (please consider adding this email to your “Safe List” as the winning email notification will be sent from this email.) Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools form. Thank You for stopping by! This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated or associated with Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site. Thank You for stopping by!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Sorceress's Apprentice by JL Lahey

The Sorceress's Apprentice

Badger, an eight-year-old orphan, has spent his entire life hiding in books, reading of the heroic deeds performed by valiant knights and courageous adventurers.
While attempting to save the lives of his fellow orphans he manifests a magic like power. He soon learns that using this power comes with a great risk to his own life.
A beautiful sorceress, clad all in black, soon arrives with an offer to adopt him and teach him how to properly wield his powers.
Once they leave, he learns that the sorceress is really the leader of a group of adventurers, and they're not the type of heroes that he has ever read about in books. They’re the kind that steal, get drunk, rob graves, loot tombs, and shoot people in the back. They basically only do what they need to in order to have a really good time.
Badger is wondering what type of tale has he gotten into, because he has never read a story quite like this one!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Laugh-A-Lot Limericks & Really Ridiculous Rhymes Vol. 2 by Rob Cole

Exercise Your Chuckle Muscles With This Laughter Laugh-A-Thon  

Good, better best,
May we never rest.
Until our good is better,
And our better's best!

Have a good laugh, with your other half.
Or read this out loud as a kid.
Let's chuckle together, whatever the weather.
You'll be really glad that you did!

We'll share some good times with ridiculous rhymes.
To read them again & again.
Enjoy the fun verse & learn to converse,
As we start all over again.

When you're finished & through with volume two,
Don't worry here's more fun to come.
There's a lot more in store as I know that for sure,
You'll want to check out volume one!

Inside You'll Find Out Why...
  • Pete the pirate never lost anything.
  • Dina was shaken up by this unexpected guest.
  • Coffey the cat shouldn't sing.
  • Santa's having trouble.
  • Sammy the squid hid.
  • Fabio Flame is so hot.
  • Hair can be a nighmare.
  • Chef Mew couldn't stir.
  • Ali should brush his teeth.
  • And so much more!


About Rob Cole

I'm Rob Cole a 58 year old grandpa living in England. I've always loved limericks and silly rhymes, like Edward Lear & Dr Seuss. I've put together two books for my grandchildren. They are funny, silly rhyming books that make my grandchlldren laugh. So I thought I'd try to make them available to more kids world wide on Kindle.

Laugh-A-Lot Limericks & Really Ridiculous Rhymes Vol. 1 by Rob Cole

Exercise Your Chuckle Muscles With This Laughter Laugh-A-Thon 

Good, better best, 
May we never rest. 
Until our good is better, 
And our better's best! 

Have a good laugh, with your other half. 
Or read this out loud as a kid. 
Let's chuckle together, whatever the weather. 
You'll be really glad that you did! 

We'll share some good times with ridiculous rhymes. 
To read them again & again. 
Enjoy the fun verse & learn to converse, 
As we start all over again. 

When you've finished & done with volume one, 
Don't worry we've got more for you! 
There's a lot more in store as I know that for sure, 
You'll want to continue with volume two! 

You'll Find Out Why...
  • You can't eat soup with a fork.
  • A monster loves his teddy bear.
  • This bear shivered
  • Olly owl didn't like the rain.
  • Jimmy the fish was sent home from school.
  • This red bee had a headache.
  • Sir Laugh-A-Lot didn't need to fight.
  • How flo lit up the forest
  • How Neil invented the wheel.
  • And so much more!


About Rob Cole

I'm Rob Cole a 58 year old grandpa living in England. I've always loved limericks and silly rhymes, like Edward Lear & Dr Seuss. I've put together two books for my grandchildren. They are funny, silly rhyming books that make my grandchlldren laugh.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Grand Adventure by Mark A. Hicks and Donna E. Hicks

The Grand Adventure

On May 24, 1869, John Wesley Powell, a one-armed Civil War veteran, and a ragtag group of nine other men set out on a river journey into the then uncharted territory of the Grand Canyon and other canyons of the West.

It took John Wesley Powell and his companions nearly 100 days and 1000 miles of surviving hot days and cold nights, boat wrecks, flash floods, sandstorms, and near starvation to complete their journey.

Buy links

About Mark and Donna Hicks

Mark A. Hicks is an award-winning illustrator of children's books and lots more. Mark has been an admirer of John Wesley Powell's courage and determination since childhood. He is also an admirer of the Grand Canyon and its natural beauty. Mark was born and raised in Arizona and has visited the Grand Canyon on may occasions.

Donna E. Hicks is a writer and educator. She is also an admirer and explorer of the Grand Canyon.

Find Mark A. Hicks online:

Website: http://www.MARKIX.net
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/whimsicalillustration

Monday, August 1, 2016

Get a free audiobook of Bodbod's Ghosts by Angelina Dunbar

Bodbod's Ghosts

- A great book for kids who are afraid of the dark or afraid to be alone in their rooms.

His uncle's enormous two-story house looked old and haunted. Bodbod kept telling himself it was only for a short visit. That is, until his parents decided to spend the night. And that's when his worse fears became reality.


Get a free audiobook copy when you fill out the form here.

Check out more of Angelina Dunbar's children's books here.

About Angelina Dunbar

Angelina Dunbar grew-up on a little island in the Philippines and lived with her parents, six siblings, and her lola (grandmother). Her lola entertained them with stories of Filipino mythology, ancient creatures, and mystical worlds which charged her affinity for fantasy, mystery, and an appreciation for life. She left the island to join the U.S. Air Force, fought in wars, and traveled the world. All throughout her service, she dreamed of writing a book to share the stories that her lola told her. When she finally settled down in Florida, she wrote several books: "Tina and the Giant: The Borrower’s Cave" and the Hugz and His Friend Bugz preschool books. Angelina recently published "Bodbod's Ghost's" and is currently giving the audiobook FREE to anyone who completes this form: https://www.powr.io/plugins/contact-form/view?id=5228266&mode=page